Update to Cheltenham Gesture from WHU.

Dear member,

                      As promised here is the update. At the Met Police meeting last night Jake Heath (West Ham SLO) responded to WHUISA’S request for the club to consider a gesture toward the travelling fans who went to Cheltenham.

He said the club could not make a gesture to those who travelled by coach as this would not fair on those that did not. WHUISA’s initial request was for a ticket refund which would have been fair to all fans.

We then sought a gesture from the club in any format to show that they recognised the extra effort our fans have made at the start of the season with 4 away matches. That gesture could have come in the form of a reduction in cost of ticket, a pie and a pint or reduced coach travel. It was not compensation but a gesture would have been welcomed.

WHUISA remain disappointed at the club’s stance but undeterred. In extraordinary and hopefully unique circumstances our travelling fans have got on with the job of supporting our team. Rather than set a precedent as some seem to think WHUISA set out to get these loyal people a little thank you from the club in the form of maybe a (partial) refund of the ticket or indeed whatever the club could come up with.

A number of our members and fans have noted how other clubs take time out and respect their away fans endeavours with gestures from time to time during the season. We are sorry our club has not taken that opportunity this time but are hopeful for the future.

Pablo Zabaleta said in his welcome message to us decked in our new away kit “Remember we are nothing without you. Come on you Irons !”


Something indeed worth remembering.

WHUISA Committee.

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