Apply to Join WHUISA

There are two stages to joining via the links below

  • First enter your personal details for our members database and click “Submit”
  • Every member must supply a different/ unique email address – this will be used to communicate with you and (together with the password) for logging in to the site to update your details/ renew your subscription. at a later date.
  • If this process works, you will be told your membership number – please make a note of it.

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  • Second (if you are 18 or over) pay your subscription.  Current membership rates are £3 until 31/05/2018.  Membership for U18s is free (so U18s don’t need to do this).
  • Please enter your membership number in the box above the Paypal button.  If you have forgotten your number email and I will tell you what it is.

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