From article 2 of our constitution:

The aims and objectives of W.H.U.I.S.A. shall be:

  1. To represent and campaign on behalf of our members and, by extension, all West Ham supporters at local, national and international level on issues decided at the Annual and/or General and/or Extraordinary meetings and/or by the Committee of the Association.
  2. To promote and advance the views of the Association to the Club; the media; football bodies and authorities both within the UK and abroad; government at all relevant levels and departments and to all other appropriate organisations.
  3. To establish and maintain wherever possible open, honest and productive channels of communication with the Club and to foster a relationship of accountability.
  4. To affiliate to appropriate and relevant football supporters’ associations at local, national and international level.
  5. To give a voice to West Ham fans who would otherwise count amongst those most excluded from decision making and consultation processes.
  6. To actively encourage the Club owners and staff to appreciate and welcome the support and participation of all West Ham fans.
  7. To respect, maintain and promote the history and traditions of West Ham United FC.
  8. To establish and maintain high quality services for, and communications with, Association members.
  9. To help increase the opportunities and ways in which West Ham fans can express their affiliation with, and active support of, the Club.
  10. To uphold the Constitution, Code of Conduct and Equality of Opportunity Statement in all Association matters enabling membership to be as representative as possible.
  11. To raise funds; own and/or lease and dispose of any assets; employ and dismiss staff and other paid servants and to do any other lawful thing in pursuit of the above aims.




We are the independent democratic voice of West Ham supporters