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  1. Congratulations on getting the Association going.
    Re: Fortuna semper se celat:
    Do you think we could add to the constitution that only Latin speakers can become members? After all, we don’t want to be seen as pretentious, or looking like we would lower standards, do we? Dearie me, no; that would never do, surely.
    I move….
    Ooops I can’t speak Latin either; oh dear!….do you think you could overlook this wincey peccadillo, albeit just on this occasion, what?
    Yours insincerely,
    Steve Infield

  2. I’m an overseas fan, I have just joined the group because we now must be in the conditions to make oour voice heard well clear. Despite the fact that we moved from our beloved Boleyn, we now have to stand up for our rights and be able to restore our pride both as fans and Club.

  3. If I remember my Latin lessons at school correctly it should be “Fortuna semper latentes“. Yr translation literally would say Fortune, he is always hiding.
    Anyway, joined and paid up already, will there be an email confirmation from WHUISA at some stage?

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